Dig Annex

Like a DIG for your office, minus the line

Your team looks hungry. Give them something veg-positive so they feel a little more “coming-back-to-the-office”-positive with DIG Annex. Free delivery, no fees, no minimums. Fill out the form below to start eating more veg.

How we do it

Order on the Dig website

Easy ordering

Find your dedicated Annex and place your order by the cutoff time. We’ll keep you in the loop with notifications when your order is on its way and when it’s delivered.

No delivery fees

No delivery fees

Two words: free + delivery. Order through your Annex and save with a fee-free experience.

Dig cooking

Simply good cooking

We make all our food from scratch, daily, and have seasonal menus across lunch and dinner—no unpronounceable ingredients. We have the highest health & safety standards, including contact-free delivery. Read about them here.

Dig Delives

Pre-scheduled delivery

You get antsy if lunch is even a little late, so we always will deliver your food during the selected time slot, at a centralized drop-off. Promise keepers.