Work That Means Something.

People are Power

We’re driven and talented, hailing from all backgrounds with a variety of skills. From our support team (crunching numbers 👩‍💻) to our field team (crunching carrots 🥕)—what we share is passion for a better food system, an innate respect for the art of cooking, and a desire to grow in our jobs (70% of our current directors started as juniors). Is this you?

Culture is King

Scrappiness is a virtue. We care more for your ability and enthusiasm over your experience. Collaboration is our currency. (Feeding 6 million people a year takes a lot of hands.) We make mistakes—you will too—but we think how you rally is what defines you. If you’re looking for a meaningful career with equal parts personal and professional development, Dig Inn is for you.

Kitchens are Core

We’re cooking fine-dining food, at scale. From our sauces to our sweet potatoes, everything is made in-house, under the guidance of our chef-operators. In our restaurants, we’ve blurred the line between cook and server. Anyone who puts food in your bowl, also knows how to make it. Dig Inn is a place where budding cooks and chefs master everything from prep cooking to tax prepping. You’ll come for the knife skills, and stay for the life skills.

Work Perks

  • Free food (sweet potatoes all day) 🍠
  • Very cool office dogs 🐕 🐶🌭
  • Access to our Dig Inn Farm (read more!)
  • Culinary training 🔪
  • Health care
  • Commuter benefits
  • Flexible vacay time 🌴

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