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  • There are no open positions at this time.

    There are no open positions at this time.

    There are no open positions at this time.

  • Operations & Restaurant Management

  • Food & Beverage

  • Numbers


    We keep things running smoothly at Dig Inn restaurants. Each day the Ops team wakes prepared for a new adventure. We’re detail oriented to the point of obsession—whether it’s making sure our permits and equipment up to code, or helping crew members keep our food perfectly seasoned and our guests happy. Not for the faint-hearted, our phones are always ringing and we’re learned in the art of making things happen. We’re all about making our restaurants a great place to work and eat (we’ve even been known to roll up our sleeves and takeover the dishwashing station at times). Team favorites: Procedures, coffee, tasting plates, dogs, karaoke.


    We keep our farmers on speed-dial, have excel formulas memorized, and know the difference between a brunoise and a batonnet. Our knack for numbers is rounded out by culinary expertise. Our skills have been learned at the likes of Savoy and French Laundry, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a $1 slice as much as the next guy. The Food & Sourcing team is full of culinary linguists, good communicators, and folks passionate about bettering our food system. Team favorites: Drake, homebrewed kombucha, raiding the R&D kitchen, lentils for days.


    As Dig Inn accountants, we spend our days harnessing the power of Macros. While you probably think we must live on an island—we actually get to interact with all parts of the company. Every department relies on our reports to get a real-time picture of their efforts—think of us as the (delicious!) salad dressing making all the other ingredients taste good. Sure, we do a lot of number crunching—but seeing tangible changes week to week in the restaurants gives our reports a real sense of meaning. And while the rest of the office might see us as the quiet kids with calculators, after hours you’ll find us tearing up the dance floor. Team favorites: Sriracha, steak, ordering the same lunches every week.

  • Catering

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources


    While a lot of orders are placed online, we’re the real people behind the scenes making sure it’s all executed perfectly. From small office meetings, to engagement party bites, we know every meal is special. In this high stakes environment of keeping both our customers and our restaurants happy, we stay chill by jamming out to Stevie Nicks, Phish, and whatever Pitchfork recommends. Team favorites: Apple cider vinegar for whatever ails you, hot sauce, ALL the cold sides.

    There are no open positions at this time.


    We’re the typography and instagram-obsessed beautifiers meddling in everyone’s business. We pride ourselves in making things pretty AND functional, drool over viral food images, host awesome events, and create meaningful partnerships. Our department thinks big but also has the pragmatism to get things done. From photographing farmers, to catering food, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. The Brand & Marketing team is agile, creative, outspoken, and all-over what’s trending in the food world. Team favorites: Working from coffee shops, natural lighting, stealing restaurant pens, ceramic plateware.


    The Dig Inn HR team is here to protect and serve. We are trained in the art of knowing the answer before a question is asked. Not sure where the secret stash of snacks is hidden? Want a pizza instead of cake for your birthday? We got you. HR is all about striking the balance between compassion and strategic planning. Our door is always open–whether it’s to laugh, vent, or source that much-needed hug from one of our adorable office dogs (for reals). Team Favorites: Large bodies of water, dogs, babies, single bites of mac & cheese.

  • Real Estate and Development

  • Sustainability

  • Leadership Rotation Program


    The Dig Inn real estate team has an uncanny ability to guess the square footage of any space. We’re fluent in legalese and use a mix of intuition and supporting evidence to seal deals. Just like a dog after a bone, Dig Inn’s real estate team is obsessed with finding the perfect new restaurant homes, in all the right neighborhoods. A love of people is a must–between meeting with brokers, landlords, attorneys, customers, and Dig Inn team members. The ability to ensure your iPhone remains charged will be looked upon favorably. Team favorites: Tacos, late-night menu at Maialino, steak.

    Evolved Tree Huggers

    The Sustainability team is rooted in our shared belief that sustainability should guide how businesses grow and contribute to a better food system. We read extensive reports on mindful waste management, work with local partners to achieve zero waste, and geek out over farm visits to learn about diverse farm models. Oh and P.S., we're buying a farm.

    Team Favorites: breakfast tacos, vegetable tattoos, food policy, and cappuccinos all day

    There are no open positions at this time.


    The Dig Inn Leadership Rotational Program may have a pretty grown up title, but we’re actually just passionate people looking to find our niche in the food industry. We’ve all come from diverse backgrounds and work with different departments—but we have quick-thinking , big ideas, and problem solving skills in common. Team favorites: Food conferences, nutrition, matcha.

  • The Next Crop

  • Like an internship, but better

    We're go-getters, as passionate about changing the food system as we are about creating systems and organization. As part of the Dig Inn Next Crop program, we work hands-on with one (or several) departments, gain valuable insight into the fast-paced restaurant industry, and develop leadership skills. Team favorites: working hard/playing hard, the HQ snack bar.

    The Next Crop program is paid hourly and offered summer, spring, and fall on a rolling basis.