We're Disrupting The Food System

We support a network of farmers and producers who align with our mission. By working directly with partners, our model works to pay suppliers fairly and make good food available to everyone. This means scaling our business in a way that works in a variety of different markets, each with unique seasonal conditions. And we’ve developed a range of sourcing benchmarks to guide our decision making from farm-to-counter. Our long-term vision is to create a market that truly supports the agricultural movement at a regional level. From farmers to chefs, we are passionate about encouraging a generation of sustainable caretakers.

We Buy The Best

Real flavor comes from whole, fresh ingredients. If we wouldn’t feed it to our families, we don’t use it—which is why we look to our own backyard first for ingredients. We consider food local if it’s within a 300 mile radius, and regional if it’s within 600 miles.

As we grow our direct network of farms, we’re keeping closely aligned with what’s going on in the field. Our producers practice crop rotation, polyculture, and integrated pest management.

Meat & Dairy
All of our animals are raised without the use of harmful antibiotics, and are given space to roam and time to grow. Our Angus beef and pork is free of growth hormones, our milk is 100% grass-fed, and our eggs are cage-free.

Our salmon is wild-caught from Alaska, where our fishermen’s practices are closely monitored by government appointed agencies—there is very little bycatch and ocean populations are sustained.

Food science has been working hard to artificially preserve and flavor our food—but we’ve been doing the opposite. We’re proud to say our grocery items are free of: hydrogenated fats; artificial colors and flavors; high fructose corn syrup; and artificial sweeteners or sugars.


Farmers + Neighbors

Dig Inn Farm (Chester, NY)
Rise & Root Farm (Chester, NY)
Harlow Farm (Westminster, VT)
Amawalk Farm (Katonah, NY)
Scott Farm (Long Valley, NJ)
Baggot Farms (East Windsor, CT)
Solebury Orchards (New Hope, PA)
Frecon Farms (Boyertown, PA)
Maine Grains (Skowhegan, ME)
Wilson Farm (Lexington, MA)
Ark Foods (Brooklyn, NY)
Zone 7 (Pilesgrove, NJ)
Local Bushel (Hadley, MA)
Kitchen Garden Farm (Sunderland, MA)
JP Sullivan (Sanford, ME)
Reeves Farm (Baldwinsville, NY)
Square Deal Farm (Hardwick, VT)
Greenmarket Co (Bronx, NY)
R&G Produce (Goshen, NY)
Plainville Farms (Hadley, MA)
Sunny Harvest (Lancaster, PA)
Muzzarelli Farms (Vineland, NJ)
Myers Produce (Hardwick, VT)
Local Bushel (New York, NY)
Dagele Brothers Produce (Florida, NY)
Fifer Orchards (Camden, DE)
Migliorelli Farm (Tivoli, NY)