Congratulationsyou have a Dig digital gift card from LevelUp! We can’t wait to share a meal with you.

A couple things to note:

  • These LevelUp gift cards are powered by LevelUp, which means you need to have a LevelUp account to use it.
  • LevelUp gift cards are immediately available as LevelUp credit in your account, and can be used on any web or app order.
  • In early 2021, we'll be upgrading our loyalty program and moving off of LevelUp. At that time, your unused LevelUp gift card credit will be transferred to gift card credit that can be used toward any purchase on the the Dig app or website. If you already have an an account on the Dig app or website, this credit will automatically appear in your checkout once you log in. If you don’t have an account yet, set one up now online or in our app (available for iOS and Android). Users who don't have an account on the Dig app or website at the time of the upgrade will be notified by email and will need to contact our support team to manually migrate any unused credit.
  • We are now offering new Dig Digital Gift cards that work directly with our online ordering platform - these new digital gift cards do not require a LevelUp account!

What if I don’t have a LevelUp account?

You’ll need to create a LevelUp account under the email address that the digital gift card was sent to, then sync it to your Dig account on the app or web.

  1. You can sign up for a LevelUp account here.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, it will take you to a page that asks you to enter your mobile number. You can skip this and select PAYMENT on the left hand bar.
  3. Add a credit card to this accountit won’t charge you anything until you run out of credit!
  4. Log into your Dig Inn account, and scroll to the part of your account where it asks you to link your LevelUp account.

I have a LevelUp account and can see my credit, but it’s not applying to my meals.

This means your payment method is “Credit” rather than “LevelUp”. Next time you order:

  1. Go to the checkout screen and scroll down to “PAYMENT TYPE”.
  2. Select “LevelUp” and follow the instructions to sync your accounts.

I have a LevelUp account, but can’t see my credit. What does that mean?

If your credit is not showing up, it’s possible that your gift card was sent to a different email address than your LevelUp email. If that is the case, you will need to make another LevelUp account under that email address. If not, contact LevelUp support ([email protected]) and they can help you solve this issue.

Someone bought me a digital gift card, but I never got an email saying I received it.

Contact LevelUp support ([email protected] and they can help you solve this issue.