Dig By The Numbers

Every decision we make at Dig is intentional, and powerful. The goal? To change the food system by investing in waste reduction; a sustainable future of farming; and a locally-sourced, vegetable-driven menu. Because we are doing this at scale—6 million customers a year and counting—our impact is large and immediate. To give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to, here’s Dig by the numbers:

  • (1) 110,000 signature market bowls served per week
  • (2) 31 different crops grown on the Dig Farm, including rare and heirloom varieties like Fairytale Eggplant and Montreal Melons
  • (3) 2,722,641 lbs of local produce sourced
  • (4) 102 farmers and partners in our rolodex
  • (5) 93,720 lbs of donated food (78,109 meals) for the hungry—up 25% from 2016
  • (6) 37,196 lbs of offset carbon emissions
  • (7) 1,156,997 lbs of cosmetically challenged (‘ugly’) vegetables saved from landfill—an 800% increase from 2016
  • (8) 5,000 guests, on average, through the doors of each Dig restaurant per week. That’s about 6 million per year
  • (9) 21,000 lbs of produce harvested on the Dig Farm
  • (10)168 bowl combinations on our late summer menu featuring Dig Farm produce
  • (11) 210,335 lbs of fruit and vegetables purchased from minority growers in the first four months of 2018

*Note: All facts from 2017 unless otherwise stated.

Reducing Food Waste

Supporting Local Farm(er)s

Food That Rolls With The Seasons

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