Dig By The Numbers

Every decision we make at Dig is intentional, and powerful. The goal? To change the food system by investing in waste reduction; a sustainable future of farming; and a locally-sourced, vegetable-driven menu. Because we are doing this at scale—6 million customers a year and counting—our impact is large and immediate. To give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to, here’s Dig by the numbers:

  1. 110,000 signature market bowls served per week
  2. 31 different crops grown on the Dig Farm, including rare and heirloom varieties like Fairytale Eggplant and Montreal Melons
  3. 2,722,641 lbs of local produce sourced
  4. 102 farmers and partners in our rolodex
  5. 93,720 lbs of donated food (78,109 meals) for the hungry—up 25% from 2016
  6. 37,196 lbs of offset carbon emissions
  7. 1,156,997 lbs of cosmetically challenged (‘ugly’) vegetables saved from landfill—an 800% increase from 2016
  8. 5,000 guests, on average, through the doors of each Dig restaurant per week. That’s about 6 million per year
  9. 21,000 lbs of produce harvested on the Dig Farm
  10. 168 bowl combinations on our late summer menu featuring Dig Farm produce
  11. 210,335 lbs of fruit and vegetables purchased from minority growers in the first four months of 2018

*Note: All facts from 2017 unless otherwise stated.