Sweet potatoes for all

HR is vegan, Marketing derives their energy from the sun, and your CEO only eats meat and cheese—tough crowd. But it’s all good. Our catering team is at the ready to make your next business meeting or office lunch a hit. Simply place your order online and enjoy all of your restaurant favorites at the click of a button.

For a small fee, Dig Inn staff can set up your food, wire racks, and sternos perfectly, giving you more time to—you know—have a good time. But don’t fret if set-up isn’t your thing, our drop off catering service  includes a step-by-step guide with your order regardless or you can check out our guide online to see just how easy it is to set up Dig Inn.

Have questions? Find us at catering@diginn.com.

Note: Menus depend on the restaurant location, and we kindly ask for 18 hours notice for all requests. You’ll also be charged a 50% cancellation fee if it’s with less than 24 hours notice. Food is served in 100% biodegradable trays and can be served in aluminum upon request.




Colonia Verde Pop Up Restaurant

Guest Kitchen w/ The Meatball Shop

Dinner Lab

Time to Turn Up

Our place or yours? Whether it’s an intimate get together in one of our restaurants, or a rager in a Soho warehouse— the Dig Inn events team is here for all your needs. Our servers are willing and ready, we just ask you give us a weeks lead-time if you need professional help.

We think carbon footprints are the pits—which is why we use sustainable products and minimize waste where possible. If you'd like recyclable wooden serveware included in your order, email catering@diginn.com. And if you don’t require utensils, plates, or napkins, please specify (and help save the world). For more information about our packaging, email sustainability@diginn.com.