In some of our restaurants, we’ve chosen to eliminate cash, accepting only debit/credit cards and payment through the Dig Inn app. We made this change in restaurants where 8% or less of transactions were cash. We exhaustively debated the decision, considering it from all angles before finally opting to go cash-free.

At Dig Inn, we carefully examine how every business action aligns with our values of sourcing ingredients from as close to home as possible, investing in our chefs, and serving delicious, vegetable-forward food. Most of our chefs’ time is spent prepping and cooking fresh produce, coaching kitchen teams, creating innovative lunch and dinner specials, and getting to know guests. All of this contributes to their growth and development as culinary leaders. But a sizable chunk of each day was dedicated to cash management - two hours to be specific. While we’ve got amazing cashiers tending the registers, our chefs are also restaurant managers and responsible for counting the cash, writing deposit slips, making bank runs, and buying change. Since we’ve removed the burden of cash from our teams, they can now devote their time and energy to serving guests and cooking great food.

Investing in our chefs also means investing in their safety. Moving to card-and-app-only payments means our teams aren’t holding onto large amounts of cash at any time, making them less of a target for theft in the restaurants or on the way to the bank.

As for your experience as a guest, eliminating cash leads to a more efficient and faster checkout, meaning more time for you and your sweet potatoes.

As we continue to explore a cashless system in our restaurants, we welcome and appreciate all feedback. Feel free to shoot us a note at - we’d love to hear from you.