One Size Fits Most

Inconsistent portions are a bummer. Our Twitter has been blowing up for the last year with some really mad (sometimes amazing) anti-portioning feedback. So we started testing our new single serving size at multiple locations — most guests (and staff) responded with sighs of relief.

Yes, the single size means paying more if you’re a small plate customer, and getting a little less if you’re a large. But a move to single-sized servings is just one part of a bigger picture designed to heighten your dining experience.

Wynning Combination

If you dine in regularly, you might’ve seen our new custom plateware made by Brooklyn artist Wynne Noble. We loved it so much our new custom to-go Marketbowl — arriving in all restaurants late fall — is being designed to follow suit.

Square Peg, Round Hole.

We’re also pretty obsessed with whole, local vegetables. And if you’ve ever tried to fit a cob of corn or a glorious stalk of asparagus in a small box, you get it. Let’s not even go there with the meatball sauce in your handbag.


2. Did Dig Inn test the new bowl? How?

We did some pretty extensive testing at our Nomad spot, which is our official test kitchen location. We designed our testing to capture both qualitative and quantitative results, which we tracked and measured over at least 8 months. We also spent a lot of time speaking with guests and pushing online surveys (sorry guys).

2. Is this just a ploy to save money?

Not at all! But actually — averaging out the small and large sizes hasn’t changed our food costs at any locations. It’s just about making non-leaky, vegetable-friendly bowls that contain the same amount of food, always.

3. So how much food is it now?

The short answer is less than a big plate, more than a small plate. But if you want to get technical, our small plate weighed about 14.5 ounces, and our large was 20.5 ounces. The single size generally comes in at 17.8 ounces. So it’s in fact 22% more food than the small, and 13% less than the large!

4. I always got a small Marketplate, and it’s been enough food. Do I just have to pay more now?

Unfortunately, yes. Don’t tell those large plate folks, but you’re actually getting a better deal than them. But if this new price irks you more than you can bear, please write to us and we’ll try and make the transition a bit easier.

Any questions or concerns? Please email [email protected] for more