Most of us just can’t seem to add the perk to the work until we’ve had a coffee. But if you’re intimidated by the cortados, espressos (isn’t this drip?), or the triple-large-soy-no-foam lattes of the world, you’re not alone.

And coffee is, well, not just coffee anymore — from the beans to the milk (or, alt milk), the ingredients used for our favorite beverages should be just as carefully scrutinized as the food we eat. Coffee culture has expanded to such an extent that sometimes it’s hard to choose what to order. And we all know what will happen if you don’t order. All good, this handy guide will help you through.

01. DRIP

A reliable classic, drip coffee is a staple in most people’s day. Water is poured over roasted ground beans in a filter to create the elixir we know and love. Thank you, gravity.


Not to worry if you don’t drink coffee — even the most aggressive caffiend will admit sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing or delicious than iced tea. Sweet, bitter, or fruity, this is a drink that maketh the summer.


Classy and in a hurry? Go for an espresso, which is brewed by forcing a small amount of almost boiling water through ground coffee beans. Strong and concentrated, it’ll give you the kick you need to conquer the world.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tried and true, the latte combines espresso with luscious steamed milk. Extra creativity points to your barista if they draw something beautiful in the milk. Hot or iced, this drink is simple, smooth, and satisfying.


Step back into your childhood and spoon the sweet and fluffy milk foam that sits on top before getting to the steamy goodness underneath. Look away baristas, this is basically a cloud topped latte. Served best in a large mug accompanied by slice of olive oil cake.


Add hot water to espresso if you want the kick but don’t want it to be over too soon. Totally customizable, add more espresso or more water to adjust for your daily coffee needs.


Taller than an espresso, but shorter than a latte, a cortado is simply espresso mixed with some warm milk. Sounds fancier than it is, but still consistently delicious, well-balanced, and sophisticated (just don’t say it wrong or your act is up).


Not only is it green and looks great on any Instagram page, the matcha latte takes the taste of green tea and makes it creamy by combining matcha (stoneground green tea leaves) with steamed milk and optional sugar. It’s a matcha made in heaven.


For a little cool and a little sweet, make your iced latte minty by adding some homemade mint simple syrup. This refreshing and crisp pick-me-up says “chill, let’s do this.”


If looks could quench. The Lilypad combines the matcha and iced mint lattes to create a creamy version of your favorite Armenian mint tea. If you’re indecisive, adventurous, or both — the Lilypad is the drink for you.

DRINKING BUDDIES: Dig Inn is proud to partner with Counter Culture Coffee, Matchabar Matcha, Mapleline Milk, and MALK. All of our syrups are made in house, and (obviously) everything is 100% compostable.2