For congee base:

  • 2 cup Rice

  • 20 cups Water

  • Broken up bones from turkey carcass

  • 1 knob ( about 2 - 3 inch piece) of ginger
    Pinch of salt

For garnish:

  • Ground white pepper

  • Matchstick cut ginger

  • Thinly cut scallions

  • Soy Sauce

  • Salt


To make congee:

Place rinsed Rice, Water and the rest of the ingredients in a large pot.
Place on medium high heat and bring up to a simmer, making sure to stir occasionally to make sure nothing sticks and burns on the bottom of your pan.
As soon as the Congee comes to a boil, turn your burner down very low and then leave to cook for 1-3 hours. Congee should have the consistency of a loose porridge.
Add more water if necessary as it cooks.

Once congee is done, spoon about 2 cups congee into individual bowls and serve at your table with the assorted garnishes, to allow your family or guests to individually anoint their bowls.