1. Buy food from farms.

Build a neighborhood around your kitchen. Form genuine relationships that last — with guests, partners, friends, and colleagues. Know the impact of your choices.

2. Roll with the seasons.

Connect with the world around you. Each season will bring fresh wonders and challenges. Consider them opportunities to learn and grow.

3. Make meals from scratch.

Celebrate the simplest pleasures. Real, living foods have a short peak of perfection. Respect that moment and seek to serve it.

4. Cook for a person.

You have the power to brighten someone’s day. Cook the last serving of brussels sprouts with the same care and attention as the first. Recipes are only as good as the humans behind them.

5. Serve mostly vegetables.

Be gentle with the land. Eat foods that are good for you, the environment, and the communities that grow them. Make decisions with tomorrow in mind.

6. Eat at a table.

Good food makes us happy. Enjoy meals the old-fashioned way — at a shared table with friends and family.

7. Nurture the next crop.

Cast a wide net. Teach as much as you learn, learn as much as you teach. Seed your ideas, and tend to the people around you.