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Chef Daniel Angerer

As a young boy growing up in the Austrian Alps, Daniel Angerer learned to cook by preparing meals for his family. He served elaborate dishes inspired by the picturesque natural surroundings as well as the art that surrounded him from his family’s art gallery business. This early interest in the kitchen and exposure to the art world, combined with travels throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United States, shape Angerer’s inventive yet vernacular culinary style.

Angerer set out on his path as a chef by studying at a hotel and restaurant school in Landeck, Austria. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he moved to Munich, Germany to cook at the three-star Michelin hotel, Residenz Heinz Winkler, before relocating to Paris for the opportunity to train under Joel Robuchon at his eponymous award-winning restaurant. One year later, in 1994, he followed Robuchon’s advice and set his sights on Manhattan for its vibrant restaurant scene.

Chef Daniel spent the next few years working in some of New York City’s most well known kitchens, including San Domenico, where he honed classic Italian technique, Jean Georges, where his creativity flourished, and Bouley Bakery, where he rose to Chef de Cuisine.

Angerer then moved on to open Alouette on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he received praise from critics for his twists on traditional French bistro fare. In 2002, he become executive chef of the restaurant fresh., a shrine to seafood in Tribeca. As Angerer won fans for his exceptional skill with seafood at fresh., he partnered to open two additional seafood restaurants in the Tribeca neighborhood, shore. and coast.

In 2006, Angerer and his fiance’ Lori Mason opened Klee Brasserie in Chelsea, named for the klee (clover) found near Angerer’s childhood home in Austria and the Swiss painter Paul Klee, whose fanciful, artistic approach the chef has long admired. Angerer’s menu at Klee was centered on modern American cuisine with an Austrian twist.

In 2008, Angerer introduced his distinct cooking style to a national audience when he triumphed over Bobby Flay on The Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” - an episode for which beer was the secret ingredient. Angerer warned Flay: “I’m going to take the butter from lettuce and sugar from peas,” a motto that has since been used to describe Angerer’s cooking style - he relies on fresh herbs and emulsions for rich flavors and textures rather than butter and cream.

In 2009 Chef Angerer met Adam Eskin, then CEO of The Pump Energy Food, through their respective architect Garrett Singer. Over the next two years a collaboration was born. In June 2011, Angerer joined Eskin and his team full time and The Pump evolved into into Dig Inn Seasonal Market, where each day Chef Daniel takes the “butter from lettuce and sugar from peas” and offers delicious, high quality, accessible food to a much larger audience.

The team launched Dig Inn on September 21, 2011 and plan to expand Dig Inn not only in New York City, but nationwide, to bring Chef Daniel’s cooking to the masses.